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To ensure a secure and seamless authentication process within the Data Layer (DL) built on the Cosmos ecosystem, we leverage the power of Keplr Wallet. Keplr is a user-friendly web extension wallet designed to interact with Cosmos-based blockchains and enable secure interactions with decentralized applications (dApps).

Keplr Wallet

Here's how you can authenticate and interact with the DL using Keplr Wallet:

  1. Install Keplr Wallet Extension:
    Before getting started, make sure you have installed the Keplr Wallet extension for your web browser. You can download Keplr Wallet from their official website at Once installed, you'll be able to access and interact with Cosmos-based blockchains, including the Data Layer.

  2. Access the Developer Portal:
    Head over to our Developer Portal at to begin your journey with the Data Layer.

  3. Connect Your Keplr Wallet:
    Click on the "Launch App" button on the Developer Portal to initiate the process. Keplr Wallet will prompt you to connect your wallet. Follow the on-screen instructions to establish the connection by signing.

  4. Subscribing or Publishing:
    With your Keplr Wallet authenticated, you can now create and manage your dApps within the Data Layer, or Publish data to it.

  5. Retrieve Access Token:
    The "Access Token" is a critical piece of information that is derived from your wallet id. It serves as your authentication key for interacting with data streams, subscribing, publishing, and building the backend or frontend of your dApps. You can retrieve your Access token via Developer Portal, clicking on three dots in the Header menu.

  6. Approve Transactions with Keplr Wallet:
    Whenever you create a new dApp or perform other actions that require transaction approvals, Keplr Wallet will prompt you to approve the transactions. Review the details and confirm the transactions via Keplr Wallet.

Access Token

When you create your Project using the Developer Portal, a unique Access Token is derived from your Wallet id. This Access Token acts as a key to unlock the capabilities and features of the Data Layer (DL) for your dApp.

As an example of an Access Token, let's consider the token: SAAPP2VYCCL7COJ6QFWKAISXWGKD7RDL254AUYHWW2C7JTGOQ6K2EKMF5Q. This token encapsulates the necessary permissions and privileges for interacting with the Data Layer (DL) and authenticates you in our Broker network.

With this Access Token, developers gain the ability to subscribe to data streams, publish data, and build the backend or frontend of their dApps within the DAL ecosystem. It acts as a secure digital passport, granting access to the world of decentralized real-time data.