agent_token_namestringName of the token as it appears in Platform UI."main token"
agent_token_descriptionstringBrief description of token's purpose, visible in UI."short description of the token purpose"
agent_token_valid_untilstring formatted as
(ISO 8601 date and time)
Expiry date of the token."2022-06-20T15:35:43.300Z"
agent_token_statusbooleanThe value indicates if the tokens is valid or not.true
agent_token_idintegerUnique identifier for the agent token.123
agent_token_created_atstring formatted as
(ISO 8601 date and time)
Creation date for the token."2022-06-20T15:35:43.300Z"
agent_token_updated_atstring formatted as
(ISO 8601 date and time)
Date when the token was last updated."2022-06-20T15:35:43.300Z"


      "agent_token_name": "main token",
      "agent_token_description": "short description of the token purpose",
      "agent_token_valid_until": "2022-06-20T15:35:43.300Z",
      "agent_token_status": true,
      "agent_token_id": 123,
      "agent_token_created_at": "2022-06-20T15:35:43.300Z",
      "agent_token_updated_at": "2022-06-20T15:35:43.300Z"