Syntropy Agent is an easy-to-use dependency to automatically encrypt and connect endpoints within a network. Syntropy's user interface allows heightened visibility into network health and connectivity.


agent_idintegerUnique identifier for the agent.123
agent_public_ipv4string (IPv4 format )IP address of the agent in IPv4 format198.185.159.144
agent_location_citystringCity, where your agent is based."Vilnius"
agent_device_idstringA unique agent identifier. Usually machine id or other unique UUID with a workspace id prefix (to scope this agent to workspace)."bf130282-6c2d-4c90-b112-490b051160a3"
agent_namestringName of the agent as it appears in Platform UI."default agent"
agent_statusstringCurrent status of the agent."OK"
agent_versionstring formatted as SemVersionVersion of the agent.3.2.0
agent_locked_fieldsLocked Fields objectFields that cannot be amended after creation of the agent.{ "location_country": true, "location_city": true, "location_lat": true, "location_lon": true, "provider_name": true, "tags": [ "string" ], "name": true }
(ISO 8601 date and time)
Date and time when this agent was modified. Formatted as an ISO 8601 date time string."2020-03-17T19:10:04.968Z"
agent_is_virtualbooleanIndicates if it's a virtual agent.true
agent_typestringPossible types: LINUX, MACOS, WINDOWS, VIRTUAL"Linux"
agent_providerProvider objectReturns provider of agent's endpoint. Full list of providers{ "provider_name": "string", "provider_id": 123 }
agent_tagsTags objectAgent specific words that can help you to create some rules around specific tags.[ { "tag_name": "string", "tag_id": 1110 } ]
agent_services_subnets_enabled_countintegerNumber of enabled subnets of the agent's endpoint.4
agent_services_subnets_countintegerNumber of subnets of the agent's endpoint.23
agent_location_countrystring formatted as country ISO codeAgent's location country two-letter code."LT"
agent_is_onlinebooleanCurrent status of the agent.true

Locked fields

agent_location_countrybooleanIndicates if agent's country cannot be changed after creation.true
agent_location_citybooleanIndicates if agent's city cannot be changed after creation.true
agent_location_latbooleanIndicates if agent's location latitude cannot be changed after creation.true
agent_location_lonbooleanIndicates if agent's location longitude cannot be changed after creation.true
agent_provider_namebooleanIndicates if agent's provider's name cannot be changed after creation.true
agent_tagsarray of stringsList of the tags that cannot be changed after creation of the agent.["tag_1", "tag_2"]
agent_namebooleanIndicates if agent's name cannot be changed after creation.true


agent_provider_idintegerUnique identifier for the provider.1
agent_provider_namestringName of the provider. Full list of providers."Amazon Web Services"


agent_tag_namestringName of the tag given to the agent."tag"
agent_tag_idintegerUnique identifier for the tag.123


  "data": [
      "agent_id": 1110,
      "agent_public_ipv4": "",
      "agent_location_city": "Vilnius",
      "agent_device_id": "2852:fTNiX0klwU01r0fe",
      "agent_name": "default agent",
      "agent_status": "OK",
      "agent_version": "3.2.0",
      "agent_locked_fields": {
        "agent_location_country": true,
        "agent_location_city": true,
        "agent_location_lat": true,
        "agent_location_lon": true,
        "agent_provider_name": true,
        "agent_tags": [
        "agent_name": true
      "agent_modified_at": "2022-06-17T13:31:30.614Z",
      "agent_is_virtual": true,
      "agent_type": "LINUX",
      "agent_provider": {
        "agent_provider_name": "Amazon Web Services",
        "agent_provider_id": 1
      "agent_tags": [
          "agent_tag_name": "tag_1",
          "agent_tag_id": 2
      "agent_services_subnets_enabled_count": 0,
      "agent_services_subnets_count": 0,
      "agent_location_country": "LT",
      "agent_is_online": true