User settings

The user section (located at the upper right corner) contains basic settings for Syntropy Stack.

Above agent tokens you can find:

  • Account Info
  • Timezone selection
  • Theme (Light Mode / Dark Mode)
  • Two-factor Authentication toggle
  • Ability to reset password

Timezone selector

We have added timezone selection to Syntropy Stack to make this a pleasant experience for our users across the globe. By default, all of the accounts are assigned UTC timezone.

Amending this would only impact the frontend display of timestamps used for logs, endpoints, and connections tables. On the server side, we still keep everything in UTC, so no inconsistencies should occur even if you amend your timezone on the go.

Light Mode / Dark Mode

One of the most requested features is Dark mode!

Creating a dark mode version for Syntropy Stack was a huge endeavor as our teams had to carefully design and craft for every component and screen. As a result, we created a more balanced color scheme and modernized the look and feel of the platform overall.

You can switch between light mode and dark mode from your account settings as per your preferences.

Two-factor authentication

To significantly enhance your account security, please enable two-factor authentication. Upon ticking this toggle you will be guided through the simple setup process.

You can use any MFA tool that supports custom accounts to be added, e.g. Google Authenticator, Authy or others.

After scanning the provided QR code or adding the code manually you will be prompted to input the 2FA code shown in your application. This way we can verify that the connection is successful.

In the next step we provide you with 8 backup codes, in case you would need to recover your account.


Stay safe!

Make sure to download, print or write these down as they are the sole way to recover your account.

Do not reveal them to anyone. Syntropy team will never reach out to your first and ask for these codes.