Even though the Internet is an outstanding achievement and remarkably reliable for how technologically diverse it is, there are still ample opportunities to make it more efficient and reliable.

There are at least several problems with the current Internet:

  • End-user has no control over how their traffic is being routed;
  • ISPs are optimizing routing for the lowest cost rather than performance;
  • Interoperability between different protocols is limited.

At Syntropy, we have discovered a way to fix this. Over the years, we developed the Distributed Autonomous Routing Protocol (DARP) to solve the inherent flaws in the current Internet setup. DARP is based on three core values: decentralization – meaning that there is no single authority or controller in the network; trustlessness - nodes do not rely on the reported metrics for path discovery; scalability - nodes establish and maintain connections with only a handful of neighbors that are enough for the protocol to find the best paths.

The result is a protocol that connects thousands of nodes all across the globe into one decentralized, trustless yet optimal Internet overlay network compatible with current Internet infrastructure and network protocols. Due to the smart-routing capabilities of DARP, network users benefit from lower latency, packet loss, and reduced exposure to Internet outages that frequently happen worldwide. This is made possible by how DARP discovers and measures paths in real-time, beating conventional protocols, which choose the shortest routes by destination, or with the least amount of network hops.

Syntropy Agent is an easy-to-use dependency to encrypt and automatically connect endpoints within a network.

Three main components are required to build a sustainable network:

  • Encrypted tunnels to secure communications on the network;
  • Protocol to facilitate endpoint communications on the network;
  • Interface to manage the network as a whole.

Once a sustainable network is built, an infrastructure must be in place to facilitate fast and effective onboarding of new endpoints into the ecosystem. Network creations require significant time and resources to ensure that data is secure and communications are fluid. Syntropy Agent takes all of the above and provides a single solution for teams to deploy secure and efficient networks with just a few actions.