Syntropy’s products and tooling are redefining and streamlining access, retrieval, and interaction with blockchain data for both industry builders and users. We’re bringing a unique range of tools and solutions to the table which will help solve critical data access challenges in a fully decentralized way.

Syntropy Data Availability Layer

The Syntropy Data Availability Layer is our innovative solution to help streamline interactions with on-chain data. It's been crafted to keep pace with the growing demand for a comprehensive, scalable, and decentralized approach to data availability in the blooming world of blockchain data.

The result is quick, smooth, and safe to access both real-time and historical on-chain data, taking the hassle out of data retrieval and interaction. And by incorporating historical data with real-time streams and detailed filtering, the Data Availability Layer’s rich feature set will power tomorrow’s dynamic and responsive dApps, protocols, and projects.

Syntropy Stack

Syntropy Stack is a robust tool for developers, enabling easy management and optimization of secure connections between services or devices, wherever they might be. It's a one-stop solution to create, automate, and scale these connections, reducing complexity and boosting efficiency.

Our Stack lets developers incorporate Syntropy’s connection capabilities into their applications, and aids DevOps teams in automating networks for their app deployments. With Syntropy Stack, you can count on faster, more reliable, and smoother performance, ensuring an optimal application experience.

Syntropy's product suite is primed to revolutionize the way we interact with blockchain data. By leveraging our Data Availability Layer, Relay Network, and Syntropy Stack, users and developers alike can create and manage applications that use the most rich, up-to-the-second blockchain data on any chain.