Syntropy Stack is a platform for developers to deploy applications using Syntropy technology. Users can seamlessly create, automate, scale, and optimize encrypted connections between devices or services on a cloud, on-premise, or edge location. Syntropy Stack takes the difficulty of creating secure and optimized connections away. It is built for developers to integrate Syntropy connection capability into their applications and DevOps teams to fully automate networks for their application deployments.

Syntropy Stack makes it easy to reap the benefits of DARP and our distributed relay network. With a click of a button, you can improve your connections between machines in seconds. Optimizing every connection for minimal latency, packet loss, and reduced variance allows you to enjoy a more stable and reliable application performance. Every single connection also utilizes Wireguard by default which is essential to secure applications and networks. Through these tunnels, all Internet data is transmitted using encryption, thus securing and preserving the privacy of data from other 3rd parties, malicious actors, and ISPs.

Open-source software encourages developers and engineers to utilize Syntropy Stack and build integrations or applications for various use cases. Our community of developers has already made integrations for eSports titles and blockchain networks to easily spin-up nodes and servers and immediately benefit from the Syntropy ecosystem.

Clients like Entain, an 8-billion-dollar company and one of the world’s largest sports betting and gaming groups, use Syntropy Stack. It allows them to reduce outages and improve network performance within their vast and incredibly complex distributed network systems for mission-critical applications.

The bandwidth that goes through the Syntropy Relay Network is tokenized and traded on the Open Bandwidth Exchange (OBX), allowing infrastructure providers and individual contributors to sell bandwidth to network users. The built-in smart contracts made available by the Syntropy Blockchain allow a seamless value flow between the network users and the network providers, using Syntropy’s native $NOIA token as a medium of exchange. This makes Syntropy a blockchain-based tokenized bandwidth settlement layer, enabling fairness and seamlessness between all the parties involved in the OBX marketplace.

The Open Bandwidth Exchange is supported by telco giants like PCCW Global and Zenlayer, one of the fastest-growing edge cloud service providers. Both companies operate Syntropy’s DARP nodes at strategic locations within their networks. This makes Syntropy Network much more powerful, providing the fastest and most cost-efficient path for data to travel between users, even across continents, and ultimately growing our network to new heights. For them, it’s a game changer since now they can unlock and monetize the bandwidth that would otherwise go unused.