Private Testnet

Syntropy Private Testnet Explorer Documentation

Exploring the Syntropy Private Testnet

The Syntropy Private Testnet Explorer is a powerful tool that allows you to explore and analyze the data flowing through the Syntropy Data Layer (DL).

Key Features:

  1. Network Overview: Gain an overview of the nodes within the Syntropy Private Testnet.

  2. Transaction Details: Explore transaction details to better understand the interactions and events occurring within the Syntropy Private Testnet.

  3. Node Metrics: Access node-specific metrics to assess the health and activity of Syntropy nodes in the network.

  4. Search and Filtering: Easily search for specific transactions, data streams, or nodes using powerful filtering options.

How to Use

  1. Access the Explorer: Simply visit to access the Syntropy Private Testnet Explorer.

  2. Navigate and Explore: Use the intuitive interface to navigate through the insights, explore, and gather information.

  3. Transaction Details: Click on specific transactions to view detailed information about each interaction.

  4. Metrics and Analysis: Utilize the provided metrics and visualizations to assess the performance and behavior of the network.

Syntropy Block Explorer

Welcome to the Syntropy Block Explorer, a powerful tool that allows you to explore and visualize key information about the Syntropy Testnet network and its native test token AMBER.

Token Information

In this section, you can access essential details about the test AMBER token and its current status within the Syntropy network. The following information is available:

  • Token: AMBER
  • Market Cap: The current market capitalization of the AMBER token.
  • Inflation: The current inflation rate of the AMBER token.
  • APR: The Annual Percentage Rate associated with the AMBER token.
  • Supply: The total supply of the AMBER token.
  • Community Pool: The amount of AMBER tokens in the community pool.
  • Price: The current price of the AMBER token.

Validator and Consensus Details

In this section, you'll find valuable insights into the validator network and the consensus mechanism of the Syntropy network. Here's what you can discover:

  • Active Validators: The number of validators currently active.
  • Online Voting Power: The percentage of online voting power among validators.
  • Tokenomics: The distribution of AMBER tokens between bonded and unbonded states.
  • Consensus: Information about the consensus mechanism, including the current height and proposer details.

Latest Blocks and Transactions

This section provides real-time data about the latest blocks and transactions in the Syntropy network. Here's what you can explore:

  • Latest Blocks: Information about the most recent blocks added to the blockchain, including block height, proposer, hash, transactions, and timestamp.
  • Latest Transactions: Details about the most recent transactions, such as block, hash, type, result, and timestamp.

Syntropy Block Explorer is a valuable resource for staying informed about the Syntropy network's activity and token performance. Whether you're interested in tokenomics, validator status, or recent blockchain events, this explorer provides a user-friendly interface for accessing essential information.

Please note that the data displayed in the explorer is real-time and subject to change based on network activity.

For any questions or inquiries, feel free to reach out to our community Discord support channels.