Syntropy Patents

Syntropy’s Patent Strategy

With ten patents already filed and more on the way, Syntropy ensures the future vision of a decentralized internet can be realized on a solid legal foundation. This legal foundation supports the game-changing tech our team and the community are building — it’s the glue that binds us together.

Patents are more than a legal instrument. They support the coming together of technology, products, and business. Patents power the inception and growth of ecosystems and new ways forward. Unlike other crypto-based projects that often lack patent protection, Syntropy’s patent strategy provides the legal air cover for the creators and makers in our community to innovate freely and take new ground

This unique combination of technology makes possible a stable system with unlimited scalability and intelligence that will enable Web3. The issuance of our first patent validates our foundational technology and our path forward in leading the way for Web3.

Significance of the Patents

Patents are an essential element in protecting the core technology and laying the foundation for the technology to be globally accepted and adopted.

Protecting the technology: Patents provide significant protection against industry giants attempting to block Syntropy’s technology and innovation. Telecommunications and networking technologies, in general, are some of the most patented technology sectors in the world, which stifles innovation from emerging competitors. They use patents to cover broad areas to slow innovation down to ultimately control the market and expansion rate.

This Syntropy patent on DARP technology creates a significant foundation for Syntropy technology to be unstoppable and prevent these entities from slowing down the innovation and momentum that the project is building.

Transforming competitors into partners: A strong patent portfolio provides a legal foundation for Syntropy’s technology to be accepted and adopted by the entire industry as a standard for the new internet routing system, rather than creating alternative competitive technologies. Good patent protection, combined with globally acknowledged open-source technology, provides the basis for other technology companies to become partners and users, building on the same technology framework rather than competing.

This allows us to create powerful partnerships through cross-licensing. Syntropy’s position in the market expands with the opportunity to license patented technology and draw new partners in to join the Syntropy project.

Enabling community acceptance and adoption: The Syntropy community is an extension of Syntropy, so it will gain protection and incredible benefit from the patents we hold. As an open-source project, the legal protection applies to the technology itself, empowering the community to adopt and build on the technology foundation.

Providing credibility and validation:Patents are a barrier to entry. They gain the attention and recognition of the largest technology companies in the industry. With a strong patent position, Syntropy establishes credibility and equal footing with players many times our size and opens the door to new partnerships.

Syntropy has a world-class team, and we’ve invented game-changing technology. Our patent strategy puts our community and us in the major leagues.

Value creation: Patents are intangible assets that add value to the culture and the project. They validate the work, the vision, and the creativity of the people and elevate their technical work. Patents help take the work’s daily grind and give it legal gravitas. They provide value to technology even before it’s released into production.

Next step

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