We collect the basic information about Endpoints in the form of logs that are supplied to us by Syntropy Agents.

Log levels

There are 4 levels of logging available:

  • Errors
  • Warning
  • Debug
  • Info


Debug level logs

Debug level logs aren't enabled by default due to the vast amount of entries they generate, however they can always be enabled on the Agent level in case you need to figure out any outstanding issues.

More about it: Install Syntropy Agent / Variables

Logs are represented in a down-up manner for easier readability. Also, extremely long log entries are truncated and can be expanded to see the full contents.

If needed, you can always add more endpoints and to see all of their logs at once.

Log time selection

Log timestamp is currently based on UTC Unix time.

It is currently possible to select either a time range or time pre-sets:

  • Last 15 minutes
  • Last 30 minutes
  • Last hour
  • Last 24 hours