Install on Windows

Installing Syntropy Agent on Widnows

Syntropy Windows application is now available, and it comes as a simple executable and can be downloaded HERE.

To use the Syntropy Windows application you, of course, need a Syntropy Stack account and an Agent token.

The string that you will input in the Name field will be displayed as the Endpoint name in the Syntropy Stack. The API key here - is the Agent token, that will authenticate your application to connect with Syntropy Stack.

As soon as you connect - you will see it appear as an endpoint with the Syntropy Stack, with a Type - "Windows".

From this point forward, it acts as any other endpoint in the Syntropy platform - you can establish connections with other endpoints, see logs, and more.

When a connection is established, you will see its information in the Windows Application as well. This will show you the available services you can connect to, and their IPs.