Getting Started

When you use commercial VPNs, you just move the risk down the VPN tunnel as you trust 3rd party providers with your data. By deploying a private VPN, you take ownership of your privacy. You can do that now easily with Syntropy Stack.

What you're going to build?


Your device with WireGuard® App -> VPN (VPS + VE) -> connected to Internet

We aim to make the process of setting up your private VPN as easy as possible. We believe that you will set up your private VPN infrastructure with ease by going through this tutorial. Moving forward, we will be building an extended knowledge base that brings you through the technical aspects of running your VPN, as well as educating you about privacy on the Internet. If you have any further questions, let us know on our Discord, where we have a dedicated channel for VPN support.

Setting up your private VPN is really no longer than four steps:

What will you need? (Pre-Requirements)

  1. Syntropy Stack account. To access Syntropy Stack, please create an account here.
  2. WireGuard® App installed on the devices that you want to connect to your Private VPN. WireGuard® currently supports iOS and Android. You will be able to connect from these devices as soon as you deploy your VPN infrastructure
  3. Docker if you're planning to add any machine with Linux, macOS.