For IoT

New projects fueled by our Builders program show how any IoT network can be deployed and optimized using our technology

At its core, an IoT network is a group of connected devices that communicate without human involvement. Popular examples include autonomous cars, smart appliances, and wearable tech. The global IoT market — already worth more than $700 billion — is expected to grow rapidly in the years to come.

What is often ignored, however, is the immense volume of information that must be facilitated across these devices on a continuous basis. These communications present two considerable risks:

  • Security
  • Latency & Reliability

By building IoT networks with Syntropy Stack, businesses, developers, and end users all reap the rewards. Network setup and management are simplified, reducing costs and room for error. Meanwhile, all connections are encrypted by default with built-in performance optimization, directly addressing the two challenges listed above.


By using Syntropy, developers address the IoT security challenge by establishing connections that include built-in WireGuard encryption, a next-gen protocol that optimizes both security and performance. With encryption by default, the internet becomes a privacy-oriented experience from the moment of connection.

Latency & Reliability

In addition to security, all Syntropy connections include performance optimization by default. Acting as “the Waze of the web,” Syntropy’s technology automatically routes Internet traffic around blockages and outages, resulting in transmissions that are faster, more reliable, and more secure.

Why is this critical for IoT applications?

Throughout the industry, executives understand the need for ultra-reliable, and low-latency communications. Consider self-driving cars, which all require connections with the lowest latency possible. They must communicate with other cars or edge devices rapidly to make collision-avoidance decisions. Medical IoT use cases, particularly remote surgery, also require extremely low latency and maximum reliability.


Running IoT deployments on Syntropy solves many of the industry’s major challenges when it comes to security, reliability, and latency. Through Craig’s work, developers can start to use our technology to easily launch and manage IoT networks with built-in encryption and performance.