Ethereum Smart Contracts

NOIA Token Smart Contract Address

Contract address: 0xa8c8CfB141A3bB59FEA1E2ea6B79b5ECBCD7b6ca
Ticker: NOIA
Decimals = 18

Our Token Contract has been audited by Pessimistic here:


Take note of old $NOIA tokens

Syntropy has reissued $NOIA tokens in the past. Old $NOIA tokens are no longer of value. You can always reaffirm the value of your tokens by checking if the smart contract address corresponds.

Staking Smart Contract Addresses

There are three smart contracts being deployed to facilitate the staking program:

Validator smart contract 0x8A27Fa791316A17C5b39FE6a319f6D72ce50241F

Allows for accumulation and transfer of staking rewards based on a whitelist of a limited length managed by the contract owner.

Nominator smart contract 0xD0aE7da0EcE12811ce13297257d7fc42848E107E

Allows for accumulation and transfer of staking rewards in a permissionless way.

Custodian smart contract 0x21940fd3a12528fa0df6c31821ed517ef7323629

Allows for convenient management of Validator and Nominator contracts as well increased security through a multi-signature solution.


Do not send your tokens directly to the smart contract addresses

Doing so will lead to losing your assets irreversibly. A two-step procedure must be done to deposit the tokens: approval on the NOIA token contract and deposit on Validator or Nominator smart contract. Use the Staking Dashboard to perform any staking actions.

Our Staking Contracts have been audited by Hacken here: