SDKs (Software Development Kits) for different programming languages is a valuable approach to enable developers to easily integrate and work with our data layer solution.


The Go SDK provides a comprehensive set of tools, libraries, and documentation for developers working with your data layer solution in the Go programming language. It offers a seamless experience for Go developers to interact with the data layer infrastructure, access data streams, and perform various operations on the blockchain data. The Go SDK streamlines the integration process and empowers developers to leverage the full potential of the data layer solution within their Go applications and services.

JavaScript (JS) SDK:

The JavaScript SDK offers a powerful set of libraries and utilities that enable developers to interact with your data layer solution using JavaScript, a widely used programming language for web and application development. The JS SDK provides intuitive APIs and methods that allow developers to easily access and consume data streams, perform data transformations, and integrate real-time blockchain data into their JavaScript-based applications, web interfaces, or backend systems.

Python SDK:

The Python SDK empowers developers working with the Python programming language to seamlessly integrate and leverage your data layer solution. It provides a collection of Python libraries, modules, and code examples that simplify the process of interacting with the data layer infrastructure, accessing data streams, and performing data processing and analysis. The Python SDK enables developers to efficiently work with real-time blockchain data and incorporate it into their Python applications, data pipelines, or analytical workflows.

WebSocket (WS) SDK:

The WebSocket SDK focuses on providing real-time communication capabilities for developers across various programming languages. It offers a standardized interface and tools to establish WebSocket connections with your data layer solution, enabling developers to receive live updates and stream real-time blockchain data directly to their applications. The WS SDK simplifies the process of subscribing to data streams, handling real-time events, and efficiently processing the received data across different platforms and languages.


  • Developer-Friendly Integration: The SDKs make it easier for developers to integrate your data layer solution into their applications, reducing development time and effort.
  • Language Flexibility: By offering SDKs for Go, JavaScript, Python, and WebSocket, you cater to a wide range of developers and allow them to work with the programming language they are most comfortable with.
  • Consistent APIs and Functionality: The SDKs provide consistent APIs, ensuring a unified experience across different programming languages and promoting code reusability.
  • Streamlined Development: The SDKs abstract away complexities and provide high-level functionalities, allowing developers to focus on their specific use cases without getting bogged down by implementation details.