Decentralized Real-Time Data Layer for Blockchain Integration

How to utilize Syntropy Data Layer (DL)?

The Syntropy Data Layer (DL) can be understood as a pub-sub (publish-subscribe) concept that enables real-time data communication and distribution within a decentralized network. In the pub-sub model, there are two main components: publishers and subscribers.

Publishers are the sources of data, such as blockchain transactions or other relevant information. They publish this data to specific topics (e.g. syntropy.ethereum.tx) without knowing who the subscribers are. They are decoupled from the subscribers and do not need to have direct communication with them.

Subscribers, on the other hand, express interest in specific topics and receive data updates from publishers whenever new information is available. They are decoupled from the publishers and do not need to know where the data is coming from; they simply subscribe to the topics they are interested in.

In the context of the Syntropy Data Layer, the blockchains act as the source of data for publishers, continuously generating new transactions and events. The DL provides a mechanism for developers to subscribe to specific data streams based on their needs and interests. This enables real-time access to blockchain data without the need to interact directly with the blockchain itself.


Interacting with blockchain data within the Syntropy Data Layer (DL) is a seamless process that empowers developers to access, analyze, and utilize valuable information from various blockchains. Here's a step-by-step guide on how you can interact with blockchain data using the DL:

  1. Choose Your Data Stream: Start by selecting the specific data stream that aligns with your dApp's requirements. Data streams represent real-time flows of blockchain data, such as transactional data, smart contract events, token transfers, and other relevant activities. You can view each available stream in our Showcase App.

  2. Subscribe to Data Streams: Once you've identified the relevant data streams, subscribe to them to receive continuous and up-to-date information. Subscribing allows you to stay connected with the latest blockchain data relevant to your application. It can be done in our Developer Portal.

  3. Access Raw Blockchain Transactions: Data streams provide raw blockchain transactions as they occur, giving you direct access to the core data flowing through the blockchain. This raw data serves as a valuable resource for your dApp's operations.

  4. Manipulate and Transform Data: Leverage the flexibility of the DL to manipulate and transform data as needed. This can include extracting specific information, filtering data, or combining data from multiple sources to derive valuable insights.

  5. Utilize Data for Your dApp: Once you've processed and transformed the data, integrate it into your decentralized application. Utilize the blockchain data to enhance user experiences, provide real-time information, trigger actions, or facilitate various functionalities within your dApp.

Publishing (coming soon)

Publishing data streams within the Syntropy Data Layer (DL) is an exciting feature that will soon empower developers to create their own data streams and become publishers. As a publisher, you have the freedom to shape your data streams according to your specific requirements and preferences. This means you can transform raw blockchain data into easily understandable and human-readable messages, making it accessible and valuable to others.

By becoming a publisher, you open up opportunities for other developers and applications to subscribe to your data streams. Subscribers can leverage your data to enhance their own dApps, gain valuable insights, trigger actions, and foster innovation in their projects.

The ability to create and publish data streams introduces the concept of a data market within the Syntropy ecosystem. This data market will facilitate the exchange of valuable information, fostering collaboration and creativity among developers. With this upcoming feature, we aim to empower a thriving data ecosystem where developers can contribute, share, and utilize data streams to drive the growth and success of their projects.

Stay tuned for updates on the release of this exciting feature, as we look forward to seeing how you will unleash the potential of your data and contribute to the Syntropy Data Layer.

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