The Faucet provides you with access to devnet tokens, granting you the freedom to experiment and unleash the full potential of our decentralized ecosystem.

To request your devnet tokens, simply head over to the #faucet channel on the Builders section in our Discord server. There, you can kindly ask for UAMBER tokens, and our friendly community will promptly assist you in receiving them.


Import the tokens

Once the tokens are granted via faucet, you need to scroll all the way down to import them (see the picture below). You can also interact with the

Example of Devnet Tokens

Once you've imported the tokens, you should be able to view the amount in your Keplr extention.

Once you have your devnet tokens at hand, the Developer Portal serves as your go-to hub for managing and tracking your tokens' usage and other essential project details. Seamlessly navigate through your dApps, data streams, and interactions within the DL, all within the intuitive and user-friendly interface of the Developer Portal.