Advanced Network Filtering

You can use Advanced Filters to quickly filter your endpoints by one or multiple criteria. It is particularly helpful when you are managing networks with hundreds or thousands of endpoints and services. To use Advanced Filters, navigate to the network view and click on a filters icon on the top left corner.


You can add as many filters as you want and filter by any of the following:

  • Endpoint with connections: filter by the selected endpoint and show 1st-level connections.
  • Endpoint: filter by the selected endpoint, without showing the associated connections.
  • Endpoint Type: filter by the endpoint type (Linux, Windows, etc.).
  • Agent version: filter by the agent version.
  • Tag: filter by the endpoint tags.
  • Provider: filter by the endpoint cloud provider (AWS, GCP, etc.).
  • Location: filter by the endpoint location (Boston, London, Tokyo, etc.).
  • Connection status: filter by the endpoint connection status (Connected, Pending, Error, etc.).
  • Origin: Related to the upcoming API Rules feature. More info TBD.

Filters have conditions such as (“any of”, “is none of”) to filter the network results. In the last step, you can choose from a range of options that vary based on the filter you chose. For example, see options for “Endpoint” and “Connection Status” filters below:

540 540

Currently, you can only use the “AND” connector in advanced filters.