Add an Endpoint

To add your endpoint, you will need to install Syntropy Agent, to make it happen, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Install WireGuard on your endpoint.
  2. Generate the Agent Token and copy it.
  3. Go to Network -> Endpoints -> Add Endpoints, paste your Agent Token in the input box.
Adding a new endpoint popup in UI.

Adding a new endpoint popup in UI.

  1. Depending on your Endpoint, install Agent using suitable tools:
    • For Linux-based operating systems, you can install Docker and go ahead with the installation instructions from here.
    • For Windows machines, you can use our dedicated Desktop Application to install the Agent.
    • If you use Ansible for provisioning, Syntropy provides a simple way for you to get your network configured, full instruction is here.
  2. Whenever your Agent is installed properly, the new item will appear in your Endpoints table as well as at the Graph section.


You can also create and generate Agent Token via API, here you have the recipe for it: