About Syntropy

To understand Syntropy, we must first understand entropy. Entropy is best defined as the general tendency towards complexity. It can be considered a law of the universe, with everything moving toward greater and greater chaos. We define Syntropy as the opposite of entropy. If entropy is chaos and randomness, Syntropy is order, harmony, symmetry, and balance. Syntropy is the hidden order within randomness. It organizes growth and expansion.

The Internet we envision is syntropic. That doesn't require a complete replacement. Our technology is compatible with the current Internet infrastructure and its protocols. Still, it introduces global intelligence, connecting users and devices into a harmonious network that efficiently uses the underlying infrastructure. Syntropy works with the existing system's strengths while removing bottlenecks, incorporating security and optimization by default, and enabling more significant scalability potential for future technologies and applications.

What is Syntropy?

We are transforming the public internet into a secure and user-centric internet through a unifying layer where the encryption and optimized performance are built-in and automatically enabled for anything and everything connected to it.

It is based on a combination of technologies that includes blockchain, encryption, and optimized routing, and an economic model that enables and fosters deployment of it’s architecture.


Our technology is compatible with the current internet infrastructure and its protocols, but it introduces a crucial layer of programmability which allows for the complete utilization of resources. It removes bottlenecks and limitations of the existing system, ensures security and optimization by default, and unlocks greater scalability potential for future technologies and applications.

Syntropy’s technological innovations are backed by a patent strategy that protects the project and community as the future unfolds.


All of our work is open source, enabling a diverse ecosystem of applications that ensures integration into all other key technology systems. Our native digital asset allows this ecosystem to create its own decentralized economy, one supported by tens of thousands of community members running node infrastructure, with developers incentivized to deliver applications and software on top of our network.


The NOIA project, initiated by a small group of enthusiastic individuals, has evolved into Syntropy - a global initiative aimed at transforming the internet.

The Syntropy ecosystem is developed by open-source developers globally, and guided by a competent executive team comprising Dom Povilauskas (CEO), Jonas Simanavicius (CTO), Domantas Jaskunas (COO), Kipras Kazlauskas (CFO), and William Bill Norton (CTL), co-founder of Equinix, a market-leading data center company with a market capitalization of $65 billion (EQIX: NASDAQ).

Board of Strategic Advisors

The board of directors comprises experienced developers, blockchain specialists, and executives from Fortune 500 companies.