3.3 - Set up your WireGuard® Apps on your devices

Get your config

Virtual endpoints that have connections will contain a cog ⚙️ icon. When you click on it, you will find the essential part of every VPN connection here - a connection configuration!

The configuration will be generated for all of the connections, so you will see as many peers in the config file as there are connections.


It's a single-use config!

Configuration is re-generated every time you request it, as we do not hold your keys. Make sure you save the configuration and be aware that the next time you'll generate a new one - the old one will cease to be valid.

Configuration is provided in both the QR code and the file format, so it's easy to set up these connections in mobiles and desktops.

Example of the config

            Address =
            PrivateKey = ASDFGHJKLDCVBNMVBN
            DNS =,
            PublicKey = ASDFGHJKLXDCVBNM,FGHJK,L.
            AllowedIPs =,
            Endpoint = 12.34.5657.138:59265
            PersistentKeepalive = 15

Add the config to your WireGuard® application

We build on WireGuard®, the fastest and most modern open-source VPN protocol today. Until dedicated Syntropy applications are released, please use WireGuard® applications to connect to your VPN.

We won't cover specific device setup, but it's all really straightforward:

  • Add a config either by scanning a QR code or uploading a configuration file (.conf).
  • Enable the tunnel.