2022 Token metrics & Token Release Schedule

Last year, we reached 500.08M tokens in circulation versus the forecasted 474M — which corresponds to a 5.21% surplus on our initial estimates, representing the Validator & Nominator staking program launches, financing our business operations, and fast team growth. The updated 2022 token release table represents our best estimates for the coming year, but minor differences can be expected.

Here are a few important things to note:

  • Token Sale — This section represents the token launch pad and private investments we raised throughout the years. These tokens continue to unlock at a pre-determined vesting schedule established earlier.
  • Team — This section represents the team tokens that unlock at a pre-determined vesting schedule. Team tokens remain mostly untouched even after they unlock.
  • Advisors & Partners — Allocating tokens to advisors and partners is common in crypto projects. It represents the growth of our scope. These tokens unlock at a pre-determined vesting schedule.
  • Community & Marketing — These expenditures are expected to remain at a more or less constant pace throughout the year, allowing us to fund various marketing activities and liquidity initiatives.
  • Future Financing — These tokens are meant to support the project over the long term and will eventually be allocated to further development and growth to ensure the success of Syntropy.
  • Staking Rewards — This section represents staking rewards released to the circulating supply every month. Validator & Nominator staking programs currently locked approximately 41% of the current circulating supply.

Token release schedule for 2022

    Disclaimer: The token release schedule accurately depicts the situation at the time of this publication. As the company progresses further, exact token allocations may shift.

The table below represents the company’s knowledge on the 5th of January, 2022 and may vary over time.



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