2021 Token metrics & Token Release Schedule

As we move further into 2021, we want to deliver an updated circulating supply schedule to provide full transparency into our plans for the current year.

Last year we reached 349.5M tokens in circulation versus the forecasted 340.2M — which corresponds to a 2.7% surplus our initial estimates, representing faster-than-expected community and team growth. The table below represents our best estimates for the coming year, but some small divergences can be expected.

Here are a few important things to note:

  • Future Financing — These tokens are meant to support the project over the long term, and will eventually be allocated to further development and growth to ensure the success of Syntropy Foundation for years to come. We have no current plans to touch this token pool, however you can expect additional guidance on how they will be invested in the future.
  • Subsidy Pool — This forecast is excluded from the schedule for the time being and will be included later when we announce the details of the upcoming node program.
  • Team Tokens — These tokens continue to unlock at a pre-determined pace which was established at inception — once every 6 months (January and July). January’s distribution was temporarily put on hold, and we expect these tokens to be unlocked in March. Team tokens remain mostly untouched even after they unlock (which is why CoinMarketCap’s circulating supply differs from others, as they do not deem these tokens to be in circulation).
  • Community Tokens — These expenditures are expected to remain at a more or less constant pace throughout the year, allowing us to fund programs like Syntropy Builders, liquidity initiatives, and others that we are preparing for the upcoming weeks and months.

Token release schedule for 2021

The number of tokens unlocked each month can be seen in the sheet below: