2019 Token metrics & Token Release Schedule

NOIA Token Metrics

  • Initial Circulating Supply of 1.41% includes all the unlocked tokens on the day of the listing, and excludes Liquidity Provision pool. It is therefore comprised of
  1. /Cobak Launchpad: 750 ETH worth of NOIA tokens were sold in less than 1 minute on a Korean launchpad platform Cobak on July 4. The tokens sold equal approximately 0.76% of total token supply.
  2. Node Reward Airdrop: Over the last 12 months NOIA community members accumulated approximately 6 million NOIA tokens. By the time NOIA gets listed on KuCoin it will reach 0.65% of total token supply.
  • Circulating supply will be around 1.41% of total token supply at the time of listing on KuCoin, it will stay around 3% for the first 3 months and gradually increase to 34% at the end of the first year of trading (excluding Liquidity Provision — see below).
  • The liquidity Provision pool was set in place and allocated to trusted professional liquidity providers to provide sufficient token liquidity and healthy market conditions.
  • Market Cap at Circulation (both at the time of listing and after distribution at month 3) assumes a fixed token price ($0.033/NOIA). Actual outcome will differ from the provided estimates due to the token price fluctuation.
  • In order to maintain an orderly market, private investor tokens will be locked from the first day of the listing until each investor’s respective vesting period expires.