1 - Setup Virtual Private Server (VPS)


Setting up a Virtual Machine (Virtual Private Server - VPS) with a Syntropy Agent is the very first step. This will allow you to use your server as a relay for your VPN traffic. You can opt for any VPS or similar kind of cloud infrastructure capable of running a Docker image of a Syntropy Agent .

To help you deploy Syntropy Agent, we are preparing a list of tutorials teaching you how to set up a private VPN in different situations or with various providers.

Find the available tutorials for specific providers below:

  • Azure Cloud
  • Aws (TBA)
  • Google Cloud Console (TBA)
  • Digital Ocean (TBA)
  • Oracle Cloud (TBA)
  • Alibaba (TBA)
  • IBM cloud (TBA)
  • More coming soon.

Generic tutorial for all providers: