Public API and the documentation

Release 22.07.07


We’re thrilled to present to you the latest release of Syntropy Stack. We are introducing the public API to enable you to work more efficiently and give you the programmatic access to manage your agents and connections between endpoints. You can learn about using it by reading our API reference documentation.


As we progress our technology and grow the ecosystem, we listen closely to our community to build tools that matter. If you have any feedback or ideas, let’s talk on Discord.


ability to use the public API to:

  • get a list of Agents
  • create, update and delete Agent
  • get the list of Connections
  • create P2P and mesh Connection
  • update and delete the Connection
  • authorise Agents
  • grant access via tokens with specific permissions


minor internal improvements


  • Fixed ability to generate the VPN network config by the user
  • Fixed the ability to activate the checkbox in the new account survey window
  • Modal title fitting long words